Blue Watercolor Rug

Blue Watercolor Rug
Blue Watercolor Rug

Blue Watercolor Rug

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Our blue watercolor rug is inspired by our visit to Huanchaco, Peru, where we find the Seaside City interesting, especially its unique reed boats. Reed boats are iconic of Huanchaco and have been spotted on the shorelines for more than 3,000 years. Fishermen ride out the reed boats to sea and catch fish all day long. Also called caballitos de Totoro in Peru, these reed boats are entirely made of reed. Totora reed is a tall leafy plant that grows in marshes or swamps in Central America. In Peru, reed has a long cultural and historical background. There is even a Peruvian island called Uros, where the entire village is made of only reed!

Similarly, our blue watercolor rug resembles the serene ocean and waves the fishermen surf on in Huanchaco. The soft black and blue lines look like the fish that the Chimus catch on a beautiful sunny day. The Watercolour Recolored uses a beautiful cobalt blue tone that resembles the ripples inside the Trujillo coast. Read the full blog post here

If you would like to see the pattern repeat file, please click here

We let you personalize your rug by choosing from 50 sizes, and by selecting the yarn material. This means that we will make your personalized rug to order, just for you. This process takes slightly longer, so our standard lead time is 10 weeks. This includes production and shipping.

If that lead time is too long for you, then we offer an expedited production and shipping option which reduces the total lead time to 5 weeks. The cost is rather elevated since we will set up production just for your order and will ship by air freight.

Since your personalized rug is made to order, we can unfortunately not accept returns.

Rest assured however that, in the unlikely event of transport damage or a production error, we will replace the rug for you free of charge.

The rug image is a 9' x 6' area rug. If you order a different size, the area of the pattern will differ from what's shown on the example image. Check the link under description to consult the full pattern repeat.

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